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A Better Alternative to Zendesk Macros

Zendesk Macros allow you to respond more quickly to your incoming tickets. However, they have the disadvantage that they require a lot of administration. Additionally, each ​agent has to create their own macros and can't share them with other agents within your company. This is made easy with replygo! After integrating it with your Zendesk account, replygo automatically learns from new incoming questions. For each new question that comes in, the best answer that you have previously used is automatically suggested. This saves a lot of time and allows you to collectively improve the quality of your answers - without any effort.


Improve your customer satisfaction!

Today, a fast response time for your customer service is essential. In the past, response times of several days was very common. Nowadays, the response time standard is only a few hours. This is a major challenge for many companies. With replygo, this problem can be solved easily and without any effort.