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A Better Alternative to Outlook templates

Do you know the feeling of having already created multiple preset answers in Outlook for recurring customer emails, but every time a new question gets sent in you have to dig through all of your templates for the right answer. This is made easy with replygo! After integrating it into your inbox, replygo independently and automatically learns new incoming questions. For each new question that comes in, the best answer that you have previously used is automatically suggested. This saves a lot of time and allows you to collectively improve the quality of your answers - without any effort.


An Automatic Database for Customer Support

So you use Outlook for your customer support? With replygo, a databank is automatically created for your entire team. Not only can your teammates reuse their own answers, but also those of their colleagues. Not only does that help to improve the quality of answers, but also incorporates new coworkers much more easily - without any effort.