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How to make your Zendesk website more accessible

written on 2016-05-12 09:08:07 by Julia Dick

Many Zendesk websites look not very accessible and appear very jumbled. Although it is very easy to structure a website clearly and to arrange everything on it. Here are a few things that you can do to improve your site’s accessibility and to make it look better.

Do the de-clutter-process

The first thing you should do is to give your website a clear layout. You can do that for example by arranging your content usefully. It is very important to put important information immediately available at the top of your page, because it is the first thing the reader sees. It is the so called „de-clutter-process“.

Make use of headings and labels

It is always good to use headings and lists to simplify your page navigation. Headings give your reader a overview of your website. Label everything clearly with text. Include further explanation as secondary information within a given heading. It is not the first thing a user notices while reading a page, but it is still useful for a clear layout.


Replace unnecessary things

Remember to remove anything unlabeled such as empty textboxes. You can replace them for example with well-labelled search widgets. If you use them, let them appear at the bottom of your page and after the main content. Put additional information lower down your page or off to the side in widgets, so people can still find it, but do not get hit with it right away when they are looking for something else.

Arrange everything clearly

You should make sure that anything you remove from the top of the page is still available somewhere further down the page for example in a widget or in your sidebar. This makes your page look clearly arranged. Also include a link, that your visitor can easily figure out where to get further information.

Complete your imprint

Complete your website´s imprint and make sure that your telephone number and email address is easy to find. It is very important for interested parties or customer and required by law.

Test it by yourself

Last but not least test your website by yourself or ask others how they get along with your website. It sounds banal, but it is a very important step in improving your Zendesk website.

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