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Customer service developments

written on 2016-04-26 14:09:18 by Julia Dick

In 2016 there are a couple of new customer service developments, but many of us do not know which trends really bring success and which help a company to provide a good customer service. The following article sums up the top developments in customer service that are relevant to a number of businesses.

Today our customer service developments do expand on new technologies that make a big difference in the way businesses interact with their customers. But which technologies are that and how do these work within a company?

Mobile rules the world

The so called „smartphone movement“ is a huge topic throughout the land and can be seen as a very useful thing. Almost everyone has got an internet-phone and uses it while sitting in a train, waiting for a friend or even while being at work. This is why brands should offer their customer service also in an mobile version and should find ways to incorporate better service possibilities into their mobile apps to make customer service options easier to use on touchscreen-based devices.

Omnichannel is the winner

Our online experience is no longer considered separate from the in-store experience. So it is very important that companies offer an Omni- and Multichannel customer service. It will be necessary for a customer service to bring all channels together in a more integrated and consistent shape. When a customer starts on one channel and his problem does not get resolved, the customer will switch the medium. But he will be bugged out, when he has to explain the problem in an other channel again. By now more and more businesses do realize the importance of providing a seamless transition between the brick-and-mortar, mobile, and desktop experience.

Self-service is advisable

When customers search on a database for the help they need, those customers do benefit from faster service, because of not having to tell their problems to service stuff members. So mobile self-support is the top tool in customer service software, because it offers companies a way to build knowledge bases directly into their mobile apps or websites. With so many customers now using smartphones and tablets, self-service must be mobile optimized to succeed (see paragraph two). There is also a new generation of virtual agents that can learn from data is out there. They act just like live agents in a call center. This safes valuable money, which can be insert in something else.


Proactive Engagement wins

Many companies extend the power of predictive analytics to offer service fitted to the customer’s profile. With the help of predictive analytics, historical data of past interactions, transactions and current situational, data can be analyzed. This helps companies to get to know their customers better and to identify trends early. Proactive engagements will also help to predict future customer behavior. So thanks to the emergence of data analytics solutions and if you are interested in exploring predictive analytics, www.consetto.com is worth a closer look.

Say goodbye to annoying customer service

Customers do not have the patience and the delight to spend ten minutes pressing buttons to get through a phone, only to wait on hold for twenty minutes. Callback options will increase in popularity for phone-based customer service. A perfect service should give a customer the possibility to leave his or her number for a call once a representative is available. Of course also chat is a useful and popular possibility to provide customer service.

So companies can easily keep their service levels high through offering multiple and modern ways of customer services – without much effort.

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