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How to extend the functionality of your Zendesk

written on 2016-03-22 09:43:04 by Julia Dick

You might have been in a situation in which the basic functions of your Zendesk not have been enough. In such case you can easily extend the functionality of your Zendesk. The following blogpost shows how this works.

It is no big deal to extend the functionality of your Zendesk. You can do that with Zendesk extensions.


What are extensions and how do they work?

Extensions are tools that expand the functionality of your Zendesk. You can add for example CSS or JavaScript widgets to customize the look or functionality of your Zendesk. JavaScript is the programming language of HTML and the Web. It is easy to learn and makes a computer do what you want it to do. In addition to that CSS is a stylesheet language that describes the presentation of an HTML document and characterizes how elements must be rendered on screen. This sounds difficult to you? No panic! If you have got some basic knowledge of HTML, it should not be no problem for you to understand the purpose and usage of CSS, too.



Additional usage of extensions in Zendesk:

Furthermore it is also possible to enable integrations with cloud-based software applications and services such as  for example:

-Google Analytics


-Constant Contact


But remember: Extensions are useful tools that can be used very easily, but they can only be configured by agents with administrator permissions.

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