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Share your knowledge with replygo to improve the skills of your teammates

written on 2016-03-08 10:17:05 by Julia Dick

Every employee knows the situation of having a new coworker in the team. He or she wants to gain an extensive business knowledge in a short period of time, but to educate can be very time-consuming. With the help of replygo it is no longer a no big deal. The following post shows how to work with replygo in a team.

You work in a team? Great! We have got the ideal solution for you and your coworker: replygo. The App helps you and your teammates to respond as fast as you and your team can to business mails. Replygo automatically creates a knowledge database which allows you to reuse answers that your colleagues have already formulated – and of course the other way round.

Use replygo within your team

Once linked with your Zendesk account, replygo learns independently by your incoming questions. The app automatically provides you with the best answers for each question. This works on the basis of your previous answers. Which saves valuable time and helps to improve the quality of your responses. Replygo also suggests answers from your coworkers. Your business colleagues will benefit from your replies and especially new team members will profit out of that. They can easily learn out of your already formulated replies.


Improve the quality of replies in your team

If new teammates have the possibility to learn out of your answers, they will soon recognize what matters in an email exchange with customers. So without any effort new teammates will incorporated quickly. The result it: the quality of replies within the company will improve soon.


Increase your own goals

Okay replygo really is very useful by working in a team. But what if I work alone? In this case replygo is of course meaningful as well. Because you have the same advantages:

-increase of customer satisfaction

-saving of time

-improvement of the quality your own responses


Do you still have questions? Take a look at www.replygo.com and take a look at our video for more information.

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