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Facts about the Zendesk Help Center

written on 2016-03-03 09:30:24 by Julia Dick

The Help Center in Zendesk is a very useful tool. It shows effective solutions and gives answers to difficult Zendesk questions. If you always wanted to know everything about the Zendesk Help Center, the following article is dedicated to you.


What is the Zendesk Help Center?

In the Help Center end-users can find answers to difficult Zendesk application-questions. By using the knowledge base for help or turning to the community they can get quick answers to important questions. Because the Help Center consists of a knowledge base and a community. It is a replacement for the Web portal. If users can not find an answer, they can submit a request to an agent. Agents can use the Help Center to solve tickets or to answer questions in the community.


What does Help Center Analytics mean?

If you are a Professional or an Enterprise, you can closely monitor activity and search requests in your Zendesk Help Center. It is possible to see the activity in community and the knowledge base for the last 30 days, including the number of new articles and questions. It is also possible to take a look at the total number of votes, subscriptions and comments. In the Zendesk Help Center you have the ability to review search terms, the numbers and types of search results returned and click-throughs. The Help Center Analytics really is very useful tool.


What does a Help Center manager do?

A Help Center manager is an agent with additional privileges to manage and customize the Zendesk Help Center. He or she has a huge Zendesk knowledge and knows numerous answers to lots of user-questions.

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And now: let’s visit the Zendesk Help Center

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