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A modern customer service needs a social media strategy

written on 2016-02-25 11:40:47 by Julia Dick

The customer of today knows what he wants from a business and what not. This is why customer service should more than ever be a top priority for any company. Here is how to offer a modern customer service that will assure a frequent relationship between you and your customer.

It is no secret that customers keep a business going. To make them satisfy is the best way to ensure that they will come back. By the current state of knowledge and technology it is fortunately easier than ever to keep the lines of communication open between you and your customers. Especially social media adds a big part to this. Today we live in a Digital Age in which everyone is constantly connected to one another via Email, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter or other portals. This is a big advantage, because technology allows companies to interact with their customers more efficiently and much faster. Modern communication tools help companies to push their customer service efforts, their range and their rapidity.

„Customer interaction now becomes as important, if not more important, than the product itself,“ wrote Forbes contributor Mike Kavis. „The products and service are on display in real time so the quality of service, the cleanness of the operation, and responsiveness to real time events are crucial.“

And he is so right, because in time of social media (and internet forums) customers do have a much bigger voice and much more influence. This can give companies a huge advantage if the customer has something good to say, but the effects of a negative review or comment can also be very bad to the reputation of a company. That is why a company necessarily needs to have a comprehensive social media strategy which ensures all customers are truly heard and served. The worst social media strategy would be to ignore customers. No matter what they are saying about your company, do always try to respond to them. It is advisable to discuss the problem fully and to solve it completely. Good arguments have a huge priority in social media and a company should only in the last instance begin to delete bad critics or comments.

Tip: If the budget allows it, it is also advisable to order a social media manager who is in charge of the company´s social media pages and the social media customer service. He or she has the task to look after all channels every day and has to communicate with customers in a professional manner.

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