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The difference between agents, advisors and administrators in Zendesk

written on 2016-02-18 11:12:20 by Julia Dick

It is not always easy to understand every detail in Zendesk, no matter if you are new to the software or if you are constantly working with it. But important is that Zendesk can be very useful to your daily business. In the following post we are going to explain you the difference between a Zendesk agent, an advisor and an administrator. I am sure that there are a few things to the theme you did not know so far.


The tasks of an Zendesk agent

Agents are the participial part of the support stuff and of course an important component of Zendesk at all. They are assigned to tickets and interact with customers. Agents have the job to solve support issues. The roles and privileges of them are defined by the Zendesk administrators. This, can for example be to add end-users, public or private comments to tickets, to create and to edit their own macros or to moderate and manage articles in forums. Agents can be added to more then one group and can either have the access to all tickets in Zendesk. But however, they access only to the tickets that they are assigned to or to tickets that are assigned to the group in which they are in. But did you know that it is possible for Zendesk agents to keep their real names private by set up an alias that will be used on all communications with ticket requesters?


The privileges of a Zendesk administrator

Zendesk administrators are a level higher than agents, because they can be described as agents with additional privileges to manage and customize Zendesk. Administrators can be assigned tickets like agents but they can access all tickets and not just the tickets they are assigned to. They can create  new business rules like automations, macros, triggers, views, etc. and can create and edit reports of all kind. Zendesk administrators do also have the access to edit all business rules and all extensions like for example widgets and targets. They have the direct access to all page settings (accounts, security and channels) and to all forums with moderator privileges in Zendesk. Administrators can decide to add and manage end-users, agents, and also other administrators. They can promote Zendesk agents to the administrator role and have the privilege to create groups or to create custom agent roles.


The characteristics of a Zendesk advisor

Last but not least we are going to introduce you to the Zendek advisors. They manage the workflow and configure Zendesk. Advisors can create or manage shared automations, macros, triggers, and views. They can set up service level agreements and channels, but they do not solve Zendesk tickets. For an advisor it is only possible to make private comments. It is about a so called: Zendesk Enterprise agent role.

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