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How to make business exhibitions work for you and your company

written on 2016-02-10 13:37:05 by Julia Dick

An exhibition often is a big investment (especially for small businesses). But by investing into an exhibition, you and your company will may have great benefits in the future. The opportunity to meet, connect and build relationships with customers is a big chance for your company to become more famous. But there are also some points you should pay attention to:


Do research before exhibit

To get the most out of your investment, it is even important to pick the right exhibition out of many. So it is important to research in-depth, whether the event will match to you and your company. Do also check the audience and think of the possible visitors. Then ask yourself if the chosen exhibition is the right one for you and your company.


Design, planning and preperation

The right preparation is everything and ensures the maximum success on an exhibition day. It is important to organize everything your company needs by time. Do not forget to arrange basic things like electricity and light. Also think about what you want to print on your flyer early and let them get printed at least one week before the exhibition starts.


The „elevator pitch“

Make sure that the main massage of your product is diffused consistent across your exhibition stand. This ensures a easier communication between the visitors, so that they quickly know what your company is doing. If a visitor although asks you, you should be able to tell the most important facts about your products in less than 30 seconds. This is the so called „elevator pitch“.


Win new customers

It is really important to inspire new customers and to show them what your company is doing and why they implicitly need your products. Customer appreciation is an important part on a business exhibition, because a customer helps the company to grow. That is why it is your goal to win new and long-lasting customers. Did you know that exhibitions are the perfect platform to meet the key people out of the industry?


Press and journalists

It is useful to give interviews to press journalists on the exhibition, because it is an effective way to make advertising for your business. Pictures and articles are always useful to make your company a bit more famous.


Conclusion: With the right preparation, nothing can go wrong on an exhibition day. It is an excellent platform to establish contacts and to win new customers. Exhibitions do always offer great chances for you and your company to build new business connections.

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