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How to personalize your Help Center in Zendesk

written on 2016-01-28 09:25:36 by Julia Dick

If you are unsatisfied with the look of your Help Center in Zendesk, you can easily change it by using basic tools. In our newest post we are going to demonstrate you, that it is no big deal to change logo, colors and web font of your Zendesk Help Center to make it look better.

Here are a few useful tips to personalize your Help Center:

How to change the design

It is easy to change the look of your Help Center. This is possible by clicking on the button „Customize design“ in your tools panel. Your Help Center will switch to the Preview mode. With the option „Name“ you can change the name of your Help Center. For example from „Help Center“ to „Customer Help Center“. Under the option „Logo“ you have the possibility to change the default logo image that is displayed in the header of the Help Center. The recommended image size is here 200x50px. We also recommend you to use an image with a transparent background. Next, you should also change your „Favicon“. The Favicon is the small image that appears on a browser tab or next to the URL in the address bar of your browser.


How to change the layout

To quickly change the layout of your Zendesk Help Center you can select a different theme. You can choose out of several predefined themes. These are based on previous site-designs. To choose such a layout you have to click again on the button „Customize design“ in the tools panel. Choose „Switch Theme“ in the Theme panel and select a theme out of the gallery. In addition to the standard themes, you can also select a previously customized version of a theme under the button „Custom Themes“.


How to use the mobile layout on devices

Of course your Help Center includes a mobile layout for mobile devices. To enable the mobile layout for devices you have to click „General Settings“ in the tools panel. Then select the „Mobile Layout option“ on the General Settings page and click „Update“. Thus you can make quick changes to the design of the mobile layout. Click „Customize design“ and set the options in the „Mobile Branding panel“ in the sidebar. Now your changes are applied to the mobile version of your Help Center.


But remember that your changes do not take effect until you have clicked „Publish changes“. So finally select this button at the end to avoid trouble.

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