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How to organize your Zendesk tickets best

written on 2016-01-21 10:14:34 by Julia Dick

Almost everyone knows how annoying and time-consuming it is to search for tickets or data on the computer. The problem is that it is not always easy to sort tickets clearly in the correct data files. Not anymore: in the following post we are going to look deeper into that subject and show you how to organize your Zendesk tickets best.

In Zendesk you use views to organize tickets at all stages. Views are important for managing your daily workflow, because with the help of them you have a much easier and better overview of your tickets. That is why it is wise to create sorted ticketgroups, depending on in which stage they are.

Does Zendesk already provides ticket views and where to find them?

Of course Zendesk provides its users some pre-defined views. They are editable and you can adjust them to your personal needs. These preset views are based on customer service practices. You find the list of views in your Zendesk sidebar. Therefore just click the icon „Views“ in your sidebar.


In which views can a ticket appear?

Your tickets can appear in the following views: „Your unsolved tickets“, „Unassigned tickets“, „All unsolved tickets“, „Recently updated tickets“, „New tickets in your groups“ „Pending tickets“, „Recently solved tickets“ „Unsolved tickets in your groups“ and „Suspended tickets“. It is also possible that your ticket appears in more than one view. Because views organize your Zendesk tickets based on there characteristics. If they include two or more properties, they also appear in two ore more views.


How to create a new view?

You have to click the „Views icon“ in your Zendesk sidebar. Then go on „More“. You find it on the bottom of the list of views. Now you see the views administration page. Click on „Add View“ and enter a title for your new view. Here it is: your new ticket view.

How to I modify the existing views to ones needs?

The simplest way is by clicking the drop-down list below the button „Meet all of the following conditions“. Then select „Ticket: Assignee“ and two other drop-down lists will appear. The first should already be set to „Is“. Now click the next drop-down list and select your name from the list of all agents in your Zendesk. Congratulation, by doing so you have just defined a condition. Conditions help to define in what view your tickets are shown in. Scroll down and choose „Available for“ to also define who has access to it.

Where is the modified view listed?

You find your new ticket view next to the other pre-defined group views in your Zendesk sidebar. Now, try it yourself and organize your tickets in the future in modified Zendesk views to sort them clearly and structured.

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