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Three ways that guide you to a happy customer

written on 2016-01-14 09:24:55 by Julia Dick

How many times have you heard stories of customers being treated rudely? Or how many times have you been treated rudely as a customer? Now it is time to say goodbye to these situations and time to show your customers kindliness.




We all know that it is really no big thing to treat a customer well. But you have to recognize the value. And then you have to be willing to take a bit more time and to get a bit more creative in being nice to your customer. Here a three ways, that will directly guide you to a happy customer:


1. Treat your customer with courtesy

Remember that every time you, your employees or your colleagues make contact to a customer, the interaction leaves an impression. No matter if it is by email, phone or in a conversation. It is always good to use sentences like: “Sorry for waiting”, “You are welcome,” or “It’s been a pleasure helping you” to demonstrate not only your goal to customer satisfaction, but also your plan to treat your customer with courtesy.

2. See your customer as a VIP

“There is only one boss, the customer,” Sam Walton once said. “He can fire everybody from the chairman on down simply, by spending his money elsewhere.” If this statement is at the back of your mind, you and your company are on the right way. Show your customer, that he or she is someone special and ask them, if they are happy with your service. Because it’s worth it. Treating a customer good is the way towards your customer loyalty and your business success.

3. Be Transparent to your customer

Of course it is not always easy to be transparent, especially when it comes to mistakes. But transparency is really important and in the digital age it is nearly a must. For many customers transparency is an important factor in building trust or satisfaction. That means that you and your company have nothing to hide and that you should not be afraid of feedback. Transparency also means that you like to have conversations in depth with your customers.


Now, it is your turn to implement these tips and to say hallo to happy customers…

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