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The differences between Zendesk triggers and automations

written on 2016-01-07 14:21:25 by Julia Dick

If you work with Zendesk I am sure, that you have already use triggers and automations. Both tools can be really useful and do save valuable time. In the following post I am going to show you the characteristics of Zendesk triggers and automations and explain you when to use what.

But first what are Zendesk triggers?

A trigger is a tool in your database, that puts certain actions automatically into effect. Triggers contain conditions and actions. For example if a ticket contains a certain condition, then the fitting action takes place. Triggers start every time a ticket state is changed, and get called if the changes match the conditions defined in the trigger. You basically build triggers with condition and action statements by using field operators and ticket properties. So every time a ticket is touched, the system checks if any of the trigger conditions match the change and sends them off. If you want more information about how triggers work, also check out the Zendesk video to this topic: https://www.zendesk.com/product/tour/.

What are Zendesk automations?

Automations in Zendesk are time-based adjustments. You use them if you want an action to automatically happen according to a defined timeframe. It is up to you, how to regulate your automations, because they can be adjusted in any order. If you do not know when to set up an automation, it s useful to think about your support workflow and to consider which actions can be connected to an automation. An example can be a reminder email to your customer if you have been waiting for an answer from them longer than one week. In this case an automation can do this for you. If you create a Zendesk account, Zendesk automatically sets up a few automations at first. you can regular the adjustments on the automations page in the Manage tab. Here you can also add some more time-based automations if you want.

So what is the aim?

The aim of those two valuable tools is to facilitate daily processes and to speed up working routine. So if you frequently use Zendesk triggers and automations your workflow will soon get optimized and you will be able to manage more tasks by less time. Which can lead you to an improvement of your customer service and will help your company to get straight to what really matters.

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