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How to use the Zendesk knowledge base

written on 2015-12-15 15:26:11 by Julia Dick

If you are working with Zendesk, I am sure that you have already used the Zendesk knowledge base to find suitable answers to your questions.  For all of you, who do not know what the Zendesk knowledge base is yet, I am going to explain it now.

The all-rounder

The Zendesk knowledge base is an all-rounder: it is a Help Center, a community and a customer portal. It is the place where you and your customers find for example answers to frequently asked questions. It is comparable to a Wiki. Knowledge bases use keywords and tags to categorize and sort their information. In the Zendesk knowledge base You find useful tips and tricks, as well as answers to your questions and other topics relating to Zendesk. The great thing is, that it matches exactly to you and to your customers. So it is easy to use and good to manage. The Zendesk knowledge base has one huge benefit to other helpdesks, because it combines forums, ticket management and social networking tools into one application. This allows you to serve up a customized support service.

Knowledge base and self-service

Generally a knowledge base is very useful, because it automatically supports your customers self-service engagement. Which means that your customers develop their answers on their own. So self-service with knowledge out of the Zendesk encyclopedia saves valuable time. Besides it is very useful especially on holidays or on weekends, when your customer service is out of service.

The use of tags makes it easier

The fastest way to find the fitting result in the your Zendesk knowledge base is by using tags. Which are keywords, that can be associated with a ticket or specific information. Users can search for tags just like keywords in Google, while in the Zendesk, views can be created for agents to see groups of articles and tickets based on their tags.

The Zendesk knowledge base and replygo

On the whole your Zendesk knowledge base is a very useful tool, which offers many advantages. Therefore the replygo development team will integrate Zendesk knowledge base articles in the replygo App with the next release of replygo. This will allow you to find related knowledge base content automatically when using replygo.

If you are interested now, take a virtual tour trough the Zendesk knowledge base: https://www.zendesk.com/lp/knowledge-base/.

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