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How to deliver great customer service during the Christmas holidays

written on 2015-12-10 09:38:40 by Julia Dick

The Christmas countdown has begun and there are only a few days left until Christmas Eve. For many of us it is one of the busiest times of the year, because of all Christmas arrangements and holiday preparations. Although the most important thing in this stressful time is to keep calm. In the following post we show you how to stay cool between the years and betray all secrets of a great customer service during the Christmas holidays.

Deliver great customer experiences

Bring the values to life and deliver an unforgettable service to your customers. Be enthusiastic when interacting with them and show how much you enjoy having them as your customer.

Small gifts for your customer

You can easily thank your customers for spending their time and money on you by sending them free gifts over Christmas. Gifts such as a bottle of wine, vouchers or chocolates are things nearly everyone like. It is a taxable benefit and you show your customer how much they are worth.

Identify and anticipate customer needs

Customers do not just buy products and services. They buy good feelings and solutions to problems. That is why it is good to identify and anticipate with their needs.

Measure service quality and feedback

Listening to feedback from your customers and be always willing to improve your service. Because who knows your room for improvement better than the customer themselves?

Emails during the holiday season

Customers may have requests that are not covered by the information, which is available on your website. So provide them a good and quick email service and remember to include reply times. Do not let them wait for no more then 24 hours, especially during the holiday and Christmas season. This makes your service unique.

The right words

Of course do not forget to wish your customers nice holidays and a Merry Christmas. It shows that you appreciate them and is a mindful action.

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