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How to view tickets and to create a ticket report in Zendesk

written on 2015-12-08 10:30:41 by Julia Dick

At the end of the year it is really useful to analyze the statistics of your company to get to know if you have achieved your goals for the year. For this reason it is advisable to make a summary of all the tickets you have worked on this year. Today I show you how to view your tickets and how to create an insight report that gives you the basic info you need:

Step one: Custom View

If you want to look at the items you personally worked on, you have to click on the custom view tool in your Zendesk. It has the option to select „commenter“ and „updated“ fields.


Step two: what to do next?

Select the ticket age to arrange your tickets by age. Of course you can also use other criteria to sort your tickets.


Step three: how to create a report?

A report lets you see issues you have worked on, a status about who is working on it now, and other information in a table form. This means the columns can be sorted. It contains updater, ticket ID, status, subject, assigned agent and age. Therefore you have to input and adjust the following:

Ticket Assignee (Assignee Name) – he is the one who should process the ticket
Ticket ID (Ticket ID) – this provides the ticket as a hyperlink
Ticket Status (ticket status) – the status of the ticket
Ticket Subject (null) – it is the subject of the ticket
Ticket Updater (Updater role & name) – the one who updated the ticket

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