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Managing organisational chances with replygo

written on 2015-12-03 11:51:24 by Michael Scharf

Studies have shown that Fortune 500 companies lose roughly $31.5 billion a year by failing to share knowledge (Babcock, 2004). When it comes to changes in organizations or employees need to take over new tasks an efficient knowledge management is indispensable. A common kind of organizational change occurs when a IT-system is being handed over from development to operations.

The typical situation can be described like this: The experts are finished with their implementation and start a new project. Then the maintenance tasks are transferred to new colleagues. The experts take all the knowledge with them. And the new support team needs to build up knowledge from scratch. All the classic knowledge management approaches fail in this situation.  Some documentation usually exists. However everyone who has worked in a IT-project knows that there is always time pressure. The first thing to miss out is a proper documentation. Nobody will write wiki articles when there are still bugs to fix.


Use the existing knowledge

The knowledge isn’t just in the experts head. It’s in all the emails, meeting protocols and specifications that have been created during the project. Replygo is a software that helps you to discover and use this knowledge. Replygo can be integrated directly in the email client of the employee. Whenever a new mail arrives replygo displays related conversations and documents. When a project is handed over to another person he can gain knowledge from his predecessors. In IT-projects the knowledge which is being created during the project can be used later by the support organization.  This leads to an automated knowledge transfer. There is no additional effort for the expert and the learning employee. The new colleague can use existing knowledge and increase his own knowledge over time.


Privacy & Compliance

In order to provide privacy compliance replygo will only process emails that are stored in a shared inbox for a given project.


Implementation & Setup

The setup of replygo is really straight forward. It is possible to integrate the software directly into the email client of the employees or in a existing help desk system. For the initialization of the software existing conversations and text documents can be imported. Once setup the software processes incoming messages automatically and preserves all the knowledge of the organization.

Replygo is developed and distributed by Consetto GmbH. Con-setto GmbH is a German Language Technology and Analytics Company. Our software solutions detect topics, key messages as well as sentiments from any kind of text. We help our clients to structure unstructured data and gain new insights.

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