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What will the customer service trends for 2016 be?

written on 2015-12-01 07:56:40 by Julia Dick

It is every time the same procedure: at the beginning of a new year we ask our self what the next twelve month will bring. In private life as well as in customer service. Therefore we have researched the top customer service trends in 2016. Do you already know them?

Many experts from around the world use their knowledge of innovations, developments and customer behaviors to carve out trends and forecasts how customer service will look like in 2016. Some will be familiar to you an others will surprise you. Here is a list about the top trends in customer service in 2016:


1. The Omni-Channel function will rise powerfully

It will be necessary for customer service to bring all channels together in a more integrated and consistent shape. When a customer starts on one channel and his problem does not get resolved, the customer will switch the medium. But he will be bugged out, when he has to explain the problem in an other channel again. There must be a better combination with all channels. In 2016 this will this will be the case.


2. Self-service will grow

A new generation of virtual agents will be developed in 2016. Virtual agents that can learn from data will act just like live agents in a call center. This safes valuable money, which can be insert in something else.


3. Customers do have other expectations

A customer of 2016 will be more informed and in charge of the experience he receives. He will expect companies to know his individual needs and to personalize the customer experience. Immediate resolution must be fast, as well as customers will expect companies to address their current and future needs.


4. Customer service via voice will survive

When it comes to customer service, service via voice will still survive. Of course the number modern technique and virtual agents will rise , but there will be cases when it is easier to speak to a real person, then to a computer. Especially the mobile section will rise. There are over billions of  smartphones in use right. In developed countries the usage is rising to about 100%. This explains why in 2016 companies should focus on a mobile customer voice-service, if they want to keep up with other concerns.


5. Companies will profit from proactive Engagement

In 2016 organizations will extend the power of predictive analytics to offer service fitted to the customer’s profile. With the help of predictive analytics, historical data of past interactions, transactions and current situational, data can be analyzed. This helps companies to get to know their customers better and to identify trends early. Proactive engagements will also help to predict future customer behavior. (If you are interested in exploring predictive analytics, www.consetto.com is worth a closer look.)

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