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Get to know the new feature in replygo

written on 2015-11-26 15:16:14 by Julia Dick

We have got some good news for those of you, who already work with replygo on Zendesk: recently replygo has got a new and very useful feature.

It is known that you can answer more quickly with replygo, but at the moment only a few know that we have added a function, with which you can precisely select a period of time to choose certain answer suggestions. In the following post we would like to introduce you to it and want to demonstrate you why it is absolutely helpful.

Why is the new replygo function useful?

The time period feature is very useful, if you know that you have already sent a similar response in the past. With the possibility to select a concrete period, it is much easier to find the sought answer. You just have to type in a date or a nearly period and replygo lists you all mails you have written to that topic and in this time span. Which prohibits a unnecessary search.


Who can use the new feature?

Everyone who works with replygo on Zendesk can use it to refine his or her selection. No matter when you have installed replygo on Zendesk. The new function appears to every replygo user.


Since when can I use it?

The new replygo function is available as of now, which means that you can use it immediately.

We hope you like the new time range feature. Are you missing additional features in replygo? Just drop us a note.

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