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How to fascinate your customer with Zendesk

written on 2015-11-24 14:15:15 by Julia Dick

If you already work with Zendesk you have got the best technical requirements to offer your customers a great and extensive service. But I am sure there is still some space for improvement. In the following post I show you how to absolutely wow your customer.

It is no big deal to fascinate your customer, but it has a huge impact. The question is how can you wow your customer in your daily working routine? The easiest thing is a powerful closing. Therefore you can use sentences like:

  • „It was my goal to not only understand your requests, but resolve them. Did I accomplish these goals with you today?“
  • „Was everything okay for you with the service?“
  • „Did you like the service or is there anything I can change in the future?“
  • etc.

If you hear a „no“ or the customer is hesitating, you have to improve your service next time. Then ask your customer what he or she did not like.

The important task is to ask your customer whether they are satisfied or not, before presuming to close out their issue. The good thing by working with Zendesk is, that Zendesk does not automatically close a ticket until you are satisfied with your work and the service you have given.

You will soon notice that working with Zendesk and asking your customer about how they liked your service, will make huge differences. In addition you can be sure, that your customer satisfaction score will rise quickly.

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