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The short life of a Zendesk ticket

written on 2015-11-13 08:53:24 by Julia Dick

Every Zendesk ticket goes through different stages of life. Its life cycle starts by arriving on your Zendesk monitor and ends, when it is solved. But how long does your ticket survive and do you know the five different stages of your Zendesk ticket?
Get to know the five different stages of a Zendesk ticket:

1. New – is a customer request, that arrives in your Zendesk monitor. This request is called ticket and is automatically set to new.

2. Open – is if an agent is assigned to a ticket. He will set it to open.

3. Pending – is the fitting ticket status, if a agent is waiting for more information from it’s customer.

4. Solved – a ticket is solved, if a agent has resolved the customer request completely.

5. Closed – after a few days a ticket is automatically closed. The automation can be set to run anywhere between 1 hour and 28 days. An agent can not set it manually to closed. If you need the ticket for later reference, you find it in your Zendesk archive.




 But remember: If the customers request is still not solved completely, of course it is possible for the customer to respond back to the agent. It simply works by replying to the „ticket solved“ email notification. And then the ticket lifecycle starts again…

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