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Respond faster with replygo in Zendesk

written on 2015-11-10 10:31:16 by Julia Dick

A quick response time is becoming increasingly important for a successful customer service. But even today answering within a few hours is hard to achieve. With the replygo App you can solve this problems and increase your customer satisfaction. But how does replygo in combination with Zendesk work and where to get it?

You can easily download the replygo App in your Zendesk Marketplace. Replygo is the better alternative to the normal Zendesk macros. Macros are configurable sets, that allow agents to perform several changes on one ticket at the same time.

The well-known Zendesk macros allow faster edit of tickets, but the disadvantage is that you have to maintain them extensive. Each agent has to look after its own macros and can not share them with other agents. With the help of replygo the maintenance of Zendesk macros has got an end.

Once linked with your Zendesk account, the replygo App learns independently by your incoming questions. The app automatically provides you with the best answers for each question. This works on the basis of your previous answers. Which saves valuable time and helps to improve the quality of your responses.

If you work in a team then replygo also suggests answers from your coworkers. In doing so, replygo automatically creates a knowledge database which allows you to reuse answers that your colleagues have already formulated. The quality of replies within your company will increase soon.


If you are curious now and want to get to know the replygo App better, check out the video: http://replygo.com/zendesk/. You can install replygo from the Zendesk Apps Marketplace: zendesk.com/apps/replygo.

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