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How to use Google Smart Reply without a Gmail account

written on 2015-11-05 15:41:18 by Julia Dick

The present topic in the media is Google’s newest tool: the Smart Reply feature. This is an Inbox App, that can respond to emails automatically. But which advantages does Google Smart Reply has and what do the new App offer its user?

Google’s new smart-reply feature in the Gmail Inbox analyzes the text of incoming emails and offers three responding possibilities. It is up to you if you want to use or ignore them. The feature is available in the version of the Inbox App that runs on smartphones and on tablets powered by Google Android and Apple iOS.

But what if you do not have a Gmail account? In this case Smart Reply does not work. The good news is that you can therefore use replygo, which is capable of being integrated in many systems and available for Zendesk, OTRS and as Outlook plugin. Similar to Google Smart Reply, but much longer in existence, replygo learns to identify incoming questions once linked with your inbox. The best possible answer, that you have already used in the past, is automatically suggested to you. If you work in a team replygo also suggests alternativ answers from your coworkers. Espacially companies profit from the usage.

Replygo, as well as Google Smart Reply, is nearly as real as human minds. Both Apps may look simple, but require complex programs and intelligent learning technologies. It is another step along the gradual evolution in how technology is becoming more and more intelligent and able to assist you in your everyday life.

For further information about responding to emails automatically without a Gmail account visit: http://replygo.com/en/.

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