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15 Zendesk Shortcuts that lighten your daily workflow

written on 2015-10-29 13:59:15 by Julia Dick

Zendesk offers you and your company many possibilities. But did you know that there are lots of keyboard shortcuts that make it even easier to work with Zendesk?

Keyboard shortcuts can really speed things up when responding to tickets. Here is a list of the most useful shortcuts that Zendesk offers:


Ctrl+Alt+h: brings you back to „Home“

Ctrl+Alt+v: opens the overview

Ctrl+Alt+t: opens the current ticket tab

Ctrl+Alt+f: opens the search box

Ctrl+Alt+n: opens a new ticket tab

Ctrl+Alt+c: select public reply when answering a ticket

Ctrl+Alt+x: select internal note when answering a ticket


Ctrl-alt+m: opening the macro list



Ctrl+Alt+w: closes the current ticket tab

Ctrl+Alt+j: moving to the next ticket

Ctrl+Alt+o: submits a ticket as open

Ctrl+Alt+d: submits a ticket as on-hold

Ctrl-Alt+s: submits ticket as solved

Ctrl-Alt+p: submits a ticket as pending

Ctrl-Alt+t: goes to the current ticket


Generally keyboard shortcuts are very helpful to complete the work speedily. They save time in navigation and operations. That is why we recommend it warmly to learn the most frequent keywords. Let us be honest, you did not know them all, did you?

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