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How to use Zendesk for customer service

written on 2015-10-15 15:15:07 by Julia Dick

Ultimately Zendesk is for improving the relationship between your business and your customers. But how does Zendesk achieve this aim?

In short Zendesk is a software for better customer service, which starts with an email, a phone-call, a chat-message or via Facebook and Twitter. If a customer askes a question, he or she often does this by using one of these ways. Every service staff knows the feeling of overload, because of the plenty of customer requests.

In such cases Zendesk can help you to overview your daily customer support requests. It is easy to use and simple to set up. Zendesk collects all conversations and brings them in one place. These communication options are referred as channels. They offer you the possibility to highlight conversations, that require attention and give you the opportunity to work on several support requests at the same time. Such a support request is called ticket.

The channels collect the tickets and all the conversation you and your colleagues had with a customer. That makes teamwork much easier. Zendesk transmits all information into a database on which you and your colleagues have access. The database provides valuable data about your company and your customers and offers global analysis. Out of this data you get a great overview how things are working.

It is also possible to open even more ways of communicating with your customers. There are over 100 apps that plug into Zendesk and which gives you additional functionality. So it is easy to integrate your favorite tools.

What about you? Do your emails, messages and news lets also outgrow? Maybe it is time to neaten up your post office and to let Zendesk help you answering your customers request much quicker. You can be sure that your customer will appreciate this renovation and it will quickly relieve your daily business routine.

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