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The guidance for an unforgettable customer experience

written on 2015-10-13 15:32:31 by Julia Dick

Suitable for the National Customer Service Week from 5th to 9th October you find in the following article 5 steps to bring your customer service to perfection and how to turn it into an unforgettable experience for your customers.

In many cases the little details are the things that count. Just as well as in customer services. The small beer is the thing that the most customers recall. It matters even more than the product they bought or the service they received. Positive details make them feel satisfied. Always remember: a good customer service boosts customer loyalty and brings you a lot of new customers. In this guidance you find 5 steps for an unforgettable customer experience:


Step into your customer’s shoes

I am sure that we all have been in the roll of a customer. So it is easy to step into your customer’s shoes. Ask yourself what type of experience you would have wanted. The answer would be: a positive, because one wants a negative reminder of any services. So it is about you to create a memorable and unforgettable customer experience. Let your customers want more and set yourself the goal to build a strong and long-lasting relationship. Do this by keeping the question of “would I as a customer be happy this way?” in mind.


Put your customers a smile on their faces

After you have put yourself in the customers roll, you know that putting a smile into someone’s face or in the heart of one another, changes everything. So if you can do something special for your customers, do it. They surely will be delighted about it. It does not have to be something giant. Just a little thing like making them laugh, thanking them for being your customer or giving them a tiny present, is great enough.


Advise your customers

Instead of focusing on selling your product, offer expert advices on the special needs of your customers. Although the primary goal is to sell the product, your customer will appreciate useful assistance. A good advice is wise to build trust with your customers. The result will be satisfied customers and that is what we want to archive.


Remember details

Take note of your customers and their conditions and make your service convenient and memorable for them and their families. Make sure they provide a customer service that fits to them. If you are not sure, ask questions to find it out. Taking note of details shows that you are interested in your customers.


Keep your promises

It is important to do what you say you are going to do. Empty Promises are disappointing and frustrating. As well as in private lives as in customer service situations. But remember: the opposite, to give your customers more then they have expected, is always allowed.

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