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About the urgency of reducing response times in customer services

written on 2015-10-11 15:13:21 by Julia Dick

It is public and nothing new that customers want short answering times. They want responses immediately after they have send a request, a question or a complaint. Waiting 24-hours until getting an answer is the last thing they want. But how to optimize response times to satisfy customer expectations the best?

It is no drama, if you can not provide a 24-hour care support. The fewest companies can offer that. But then it is even more important to have clearly listed and accessible hours of operation. For off hours it is useful to write helpful information for first-aid supplies, that may help customers in urgent cases. By listing responses to commonly encountered problems on your support page, you can help your customers even when you are not around.

I addition to simple and outdated customer services, which answers only by mail or help on phone lines, it is good to offer your customers the possibility of a multitude of communication channels. One way to do this is by using social media channels like Facebook and twitter. An other assured way to decrease your response times is to serve a live chat to your customers. Because in a chat a service person can answer a customer within seconds. What also has reinforced itself are community forums to record and publicize conversations with your customers. You can compare it to a library where your customers can go to find resolutions to their problems. In the best case it gives them the opportunity to help out other customers. In other words: they do the work for you. But no matter which services you offer. Keep in mind the more service channels you add on your website, the more options you give your customers.

Short replying times are the basics of good customer services and a good service is the basis for a successful company as a whole. And let us be honest: each of us has already been a customer and has felt the frustration of having waited endlessly until getting a reply. Though the expectation is always the same: namely to have a great customer experience with the aim of a solution given in a prompt response.

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