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Go home or go digital

written on 2015-10-01 09:15:37 by Julia Dick

Today Omnichannel presence is essential for contact centres which want to survive the next years. Integration and easy channel hopping are fundamental things and should be possible for every customer. As well as the permanent accessibility by phone, Web, in Social Media Channels and Apps. But does your customer service really use the full capacity of offering modern interactions?

The sad truth is that yet 6 of 10 contact centres do not have social media capability, but the Digital channel capability will grow in the next years. If we look back in the 1990’s people only knew call centres. If a customer had a request, he had to resolve it by phone. 10 years later call centres were replaced by contact centres, which offered broadening channels to their customers. The possibility to contact the support team by Web or phone was a new way. In 2010 slowly multiple channels like Facebook and Twitter were available for customers. But these were not used frequently.

Today we can be glad to live in the year of Omnichannel presence. The term “Omni” means “all” and stands for an across going channel. An Omnichannel goes one step further than a multiple one, because the focus is on the integrative aspect. Customers all over the world profit of those cross medial channels and of the possibility of steady accessibility of customer centres. The chance of several channels brought along a big change in the industry. The once passive customer is now active in driving chances in customer service of the future.

According to the 2016 Contact Centre Benchmarking Report, 74 % of contact centres see overall interactions increasing and 87 % see non-voice interactions growing. Experts are sure that in the next two years contact centres will manage more digital contacts than ever before. Therefore the requested that appear via phone will go done. Another raising trend, especially in the US are web chats. Today, already 33% of customer service centres use the web chat functions. In 2016 the number of web chatting is expected to rise up to 70%.

So if you plan to improve your customer service and want to move with the time, it is necessary to offer Omnichannel choices. You should make easy channel hopping possible for your customers and integrate phone service as well as services through social media channels and web. Although if your company does not has the possibility to use all these channels, you can be sure that digital channels will be the first choice in the next two years. So always remember: Go digital or to go home!

For further information check out the 2016 Global Contact Centre Benchmarking Report or take a look at the video on:

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